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LNB Wood Base stores a large inventory of tropical sawn timber.

We carry a wide variety of tropical wood with assorted specifications while providing customization of products and services for both commercial and residential uses.

Heavy Hardwood

We carry:

  • Balau

  • Chengal

  • Kekatong

  • Merbau

  • Pauh Kijang

  • Keranji


We carry:

  • Tualang

  • Kempas

  • Mengkulang

  • Merpauh

  • Meranti

  • Keruing

  • Kapur


We carry:

  • Dark Red Meranti

  • Light Red Meranti

  • Yellow Meranti

  • Bintangor

  • Nyatoh

  • Mersawa

  • Sepetir

  • Melantai

  • Durian

  • Kembang Semangkok

Moulding and Wood Treatment

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